Random golf fact… just because we can: Have you been working hard on your handicap? Struggling to reach it? We bet you are. 80 percent of all golfers never make their handicap… so you can start feeling better about yourself. If you know your French, you’ll know that ‘Caddy’ is a derivative of the french word for cadet. How many PGA tournaments did Tiger Woods win? A whopping 77! Which gives you better odds — winning the UK lottery or putting two consecutive holes in one? The former! It’s 68 million to one for the latter. The longest ever recorded drive is more than 500 yards!

Ok, enough facts for now… some of those were pretty amazing though weren’t they. So — golf and holidays… is there anything better? I doubt it. For those that haven’t learned how to play golf — and therefore are missing out on the golf/holiday medley — here’s a few pointers.

First… you’ll need some clubs. If you don’t own any — have no fear! Most course will rent a set of clubs for a nominal fee. We’d recommend you start with a set of irons as many find it easier to hit a ball with them. However, if you’re good enough and/or you fancy a challenge, why not go straight to woods? Find a good coach! We all know that it’s pretty straight forward to find a driving range and to slog balls about for a few hours… but you really need a professional to show you the ropes. It is common place for courses/clubs to have a resident expert on hand, so it makes sense to book some time in with him/her so that you can learn the basics and go from there. We maintain that when you’re building a house, make sure the foundation is laid correctly — everything else is pretty simple after that.

Once you’ve learned the basics, rent a bucket of balls and hit the driving range with your new-found knowledge. Don’t just mindlessly ping balls about… be sure to watch every ball you hit. Not how you swung and where it flew — adjust accordingly and try again. When you feel ready… head onto some putting practice, after all… the aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole.

Don’t forget your putter… rookie mistake. Again, call on the experience of the resident expert, he’ll be able to point out all the nuances of every hole and he’ll be able to correct any bad habits you may have early.

Once you’ve got driving and putting down… then you’re ready to hit the golf course. If you’re not a fan of walking… you might want to consider a different sport OR investing in a golf buggy. Much like everything else… buggies are rentable for very little money indeed. Take it slow and try not to run anyone over. Oh yes! Try not to loiter on the green for too long — the last thing you want is to be hit by a stray golf ball.